Iliara Starcloak

Leader of the Goldenfire Order


Iliara Starcloak, leader of the Goldenfire Order, is currently here searching for missing wizards from her order. She needs to depart Fort Inevitable soon, and wants to hire adventurers to take over the search and extend it to the Spire. The missing spellcasters had come to study portals, so the Goldenfire Order is still interested in detailed research about any extraplanar portals the PCs find.


Several weeks ago, the wizards Tiawask and Jharun of Thornkeep set out to explore the ruins of the Emerald Spire and research the portals underground. They have not returned. Both are members of the Goldenfire Order, and Iliara Starcloak—the leader of the order—is now seriously concerned about her missing colleagues. She’s actively seeking a reliable party of adventurers to search the Emerald Spire and its dungeon levels for any clue as to the disappearance of Jharun and Tiawask, and rescue them if they are in danger.

Iliara Starcloak

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