PC played by Raby



Q1. What do you look like?
A1. Humanoid cat w/ brown fur w/ black striping and green eyes.

Q2. Where is your family, if any?
A2. I don’t know. My pride was scattered when our oracle and clerics closed a portal leading to the demon realm. The backlash apparently transported us all over the world, at least that is what happened to me.

Q3. For whom or what would you make sacrifices for?
A3. My family and my pride.

Q4. What is your greatest regret?
A4. I never told Arithia how I felt about her before the battle at the portal, and now I might have lost her forever.

Q5. What are your greatest dislikes?
A5. Not too fond of demons or dogs. (DM note: Or water.)

Q6. What topics or activities fascinate you?
A6. Magical powers and abilities are quite intriguing.

Q7. What habits do you possess?
A7. Groom myself during downtime…

Q8. What secrets do you harbor?
A8. There is a portal to the demon realm in the mountains to the north, now closed. I hope.

Q9. Are you rational or passionate about your feelings?
A9. I strive for rationality, but sometimes regret not following my passions.

Q10. Are you superstitious or sophisticated past superstition?
A10. The gods are active, but the rules of existence determine what happens outside their direct action.

Q11. How strong is your faith in your patron deity?
A11. Magic is life.

Q12. How self-confident are you?
A12. gives you that “you’re being dumb” cat look I’m a cat.

Q13. What drives you to adventure?
A13. I am looking for other survivors from my pride, and it helps to have funds.

Q14. What region do you hail from?
A14. (DM note: From the past, the start of the Worldwound.)



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