The Emerald Spire Superdungeon

The Goldenfire Order

Session 4 - Part 1

After the negotiations with the Lady Commander are complete, the group decides that they should still stay in town for a couple days because Theodule is still feeling rather weak from spider poison. Losk and Quillaithe use the time to make scrolls and learn spells, respectively. Only part of the group stays at their dilapidated house while the other part stays at the inn, but no one has any further contact with the mysterious beings that were in the house.

The next day, Iocob receives a visitor at his room at the inn. He hears a knock at his door and opens it. Theron, Abernard’s apprentice, is standing there.

Theron: “Abernard is requesting your group to meet with him at his house.”

Iocob: “Why did you not find Losk?”

Theron: “I didn’t… I… I don’t know.” Theron wasn’t really expecting that question. He was just told to find the group at the inn. Iocob’s room was closer than Losk’s.

Iocob steps out past Theron and goes a short way down the hall to Losk’s room and knocks on the door. Losk opens the door.

Losk: “What’s up? Ugh.”

Iocob: “Um, the wizard.”

Losk: “The wizard? Alright I guess I should go see him.”

Iocob: “Lord Abernard requests our presence.”

Losk then goes to Blu’s room and knocks on the door.

She answers the door. “Hello?”

Losk: “We need to go see the wizard.”

Blu: “I was gonna have a spa day.”

Losk: “No. No spa day. I was workin’ on a scroll. Ugh.”

They go get Quillaithe from his room as well.

Losk: “Alright so let’s head over to the wizard’s house.”

Iocob: “Let me put my armor on first. Would you like to help me?”

Losk: “Uh…”

Iocob: “Someone? Please?”

Losk: “Theron, why don’t you run over to the house and get the other four?”

Theron: “Ok.” He takes off.

Losk realizes that Iocob is still waiting for someone to answer his question. “Oh, you need help gettin’ your armor on?”

Iocob: “It’d be quicker.”

Quillaithe: “I can do that.” He helps Iocob.

It doesn’t take Theron much time to arrive at the house and he knocks. He waits a moment and hears nothing, so he says: “Hello?” Pashe answers the door.

Theron: “Abernard’s requesting your presence.”

Pashe: “Guys, they need us!”

Azure: “Who? Who needs us?”

Pashe: “That Aber…doodie…”

Azure: “Who’s Aberdoodie?”

Pashe: “I don’t know. That one guy.”

Azure asks Theron: “Who’s Aberdoodie?”

Theron: “Abernard?” He asks quizzically. Do they really not know his name?

Azure: “She said ‘Aberdoodie’.”

Pashe: “I sure did.”

Theron: “Ab-er-nard. Abernard.” He enunciates, somewhat offended that they can’t seem to remember his master’s name.

Azure: “Who’s Abernard?”

There is a pause. Theron’s not sure how to respond. Apparently these people have no respect. “The wizard that’s paying you to explore the Spire?” He still can’t believe they don’t know.

Azure: “Oh is he the guy in the house place?”

Theron: “He lives in a house. Yes.” Annoyed.

Azure: “I think I remember him.”

Uzure: “I do too.”

Azure: “Alright.”

Uzure: “Should we go tell the others in the inn?”

Theron: “No, they sent me here. They’ve already been informed.”

Azure: “You went there first?!” Incredulously.

Theron: “Yeah.” He thinks to himself: Why is she aggravated? Who cares where I went first? I went where I was told. You can’t even remember Abernard’s name!!!


Azure: “That’s not nice.”

Theron: “That’s where I was told to go.”

Pashe: “They don’t know about the house. We’ll tell them we bought the house.”

Azure: “Should we tell the demon?”


Uzure: “Is he here?”

Azure: “I think so.” She goes to the basement where Theodule is and tells him: “Hey, the wizard house man needs us.”

Finally, everyone is told, gets ready and shows up at Abernard’s house. Theron walks in and leads them up to the second floor laboratory. Abernard is there, but there is also a woman sitting with Abernard having a discussion, which they stop when the group walks in. The group does not recognize the woman.

Abernard greets the group and then makes introductions: " This is my friend Iliara Starcloak. She has asked me for a favor that requires someone to go to the Emerald Spire. As you are already making your way through the Spire, I thought that you might be interested. I’ll let her tell you the rest."

Blu: “Ok.”

Iliara: " I’m here in Fort Inevitable because several weeks ago a couple wizards from our Order…"

Iocob and Uzure interrupt.

Iocob: What Order?

Uzure: What’s the Order?

Iliara answers their question and continues: “The Goldenfire Order. They were on a mission to the Emerald Spire and they’re missing. They haven’t reported in.”

Blu sounds concerned: “Oh.”

Theodule starts: “Well we haven’t seen any….”

Iocob interrupts again: “We haven’t seen them.”

Azure: “What were they wearing and what do they look like? Cause they’re probably dead.”

Iliara: “Their names are Tiawask and Jharun.”

Azure: “That might not help us out if they’re dead.”

Iliara: “They are both young adult humans with dark hair. Tiawask is female and Jharun is male. They were probably wearing robes, though I can’t know for sure what color. Jharun also carries a staff. I’m willing to pay 2,000 gold for each wizard.”

Uzure: “Do you want us to bring their bodies?”

Iliara: “I am hoping that you find them alive. But yes, even if you find them deceased I would still pay you for them.”

Azure: “So you want their corpses?”

Iliara: “So we can give them a proper burial, yes.”

Losk: “That’s a lot of gold. We’ll try to find them.”

Uzure: “It is a lot of gold. And it’s worth carrying the bodies back I think.”

Quillaithe: “I’ve got floating disk; we don’t have to carry ’em.”

Iocob: “I don’t know what that is but what he said sounds amazing.”

Azure: “I have to ask because of the things we’ve ran into: do they need all their items on them? Because, some of the things we’ve run into we’ve looted ’em.”

Iliara: “Well, I would prefer you not take their items from them.”

Azure: “But what if someone else takes them? Do we have to hunt down their items or…?”


Theodule: “We don’t want you to be like ‘Yes, 2,000 gold per wizard.’ Fine print…”

Uzure: “We get back and you’re like ‘I needed their necklaces!’”

Theodule: “Yeah.”

Iliara: “No, I’m not asking for the return of their possessions. I’m asking for their return.”

The group agrees to help Iliara.

Iliara: “If you would report your findings to Abernard, I would appreciate it. I will not necessarily be in town. I’ve got to go back to the Order.”

Blu: “Ok.”

Iliara: “He’ll let me know.”

Blu: “Have a pleasant trip.”

Losk: “Ugh. Alright. Ugh. Let’s go. Ugh.”

The group stays one more night in Fort Inevitable and heads out for the Emerald Spire the next morning. When they get to the second level of the Spire, they notice that the makeshift bridge they had put across the pit trap in the first hallway was no longer there. Uzure looks in the room where they originally obtained the table and it’s not there either. Blu tries to disarm the trap, but ends up setting it off and the floor opens up, revealing the pit trap once again. After a short discussion about what to do, the group decides to back-track to the first room and try a door there that they haven’t tried yet.

Blu checks the door for traps and doesn’t find any, so she tries to open the door and realizes that it is locked. She tries use her masterwork thieves tools to lift the latch holding the door in place, but is having trouble.

Azure: “What do we have you here for? Can’t stop traps. Can’t open doors.”

Uzure: “She’s not used to these locks.”

Iocob steps forward to try his hand (or better still, his sword), but then sees that the door is made of stone, so breaking through it with his weapon isn’t feasible.

A moment later, Blu manages to get the latch to release. “Got it.” Iocob opens the door. They see a hallway that has a closed door at the other end and a small alcove with a door 10 feet forward and to the left. The door to the left is held open by a jagged chunk of masonry positioned as a doorstop. The group moves forward to the open door and Blu, not trusting even open doors, checks it for traps, but finds none. Iocob pulls the door open wider so that they may see inside.

This large room has a wide hole in the center of its floor. A heavy, welded steel ladder descends straight down from the lip of this shaft. The extent and depth of the space below are concealed behind the many crisscrossing, whitish-gray spider webs filling the pit.

There is a door directly across the room from them and another door in the wall to the right. Both of these doors are also held ajar by chunks of masonry. Iocob walks to the door on the right and starts to go through it when a giant spider hiding in the webs above him throws a web at him, entangling him.

Theodule shoots a couple arrows at the spider, hitting it in the heart with the second arrow, effectively stopping the combat before it really started. The spider falls out of the webs, dead.

Iocob continues through the doorway into another hallway. As he turns to head down the hallway, he feels the floor move beneath him and he jumps back just in time to avoid yet another pit trap filled with webs. “There’s a pit. Found it.”

Losk steps into the hallway then and notices that the stone on the wall to the left of him doesn’t line up perfectly. He looks closer and notices that it’s a door. “There’s a secret door right there.”

Blu looks over the wall and also sees the secret door: “Would you like me to check it for traps?” Without receiving an answer one way or the other, Blu uses her skills to inspect the door and tells the party that she doesn’t see any traps on it.

Azure takes a closer look at the wall and Losk points out the unusual stonework. “There is a secret door there. You’re really smart for noticing that. Or perceptive. I guess intelligence doesn’t really help you see.”

Losk steps through the secret door and finds a small 10′ × 15′ space with nothing in it, but immediately notices that the wall ahead of him is also a secret door.

Azure and Blu look over the wall and do not see where it opens at.

Azure: “Looks like a wall.”

Losk becomes impatient with the rest of the group not being able to see the door and opens it himself, not waiting for Blu to check for traps.

Blu: “Ah. Now I see the door.”



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