The Emerald Spire Superdungeon

The Cellars

Session 2 - Part 2

In town, Losk and Theodule pay a visit to Abernard Royst and ask him if he knows anything about the sigil on the parchment. Abernard looks over the sigil and tells them that the language is old Azlanti and that the sigil itself is the number “Six”. Before he goes any further into explaining the sigil, Losk pulls out the mechanical arm he found and shows it to the wizard, asking if he knows anything about the constructs. Abernard shows interest in the arm, looking it over while telling Losk that the arm belonged to an Emerald Automaton, which were guardians over the tower long ago.

Losk starts to talk about the encounter and Abernard looks up at him, “Wait, you mean to tell me you came across one of these that were functional? As far as my research has told me, these all stopped working thousands of years ago.”

Losk replies, " Well, this one was under the command of a goblin wizard."

Abernard disbelievingly says, " A goblin? There is no way a goblin has the skill to master one of these."

“Well, at the very least it didn’t consider the goblin a threat. It didn’t attack the goblin. It attacked us.” Losk answers.

Abernard says nothing further, simply pondering the information he has been provided and gives the mechanical arm back to Losk. As they go to leave, the wizard remembers something. " Oh, and that parchment should have something to do with the transport system in the Spire." Losk and Theodule thank him for the information and depart.

The group spends two nights in town before heading back to the tower, except for Pashe, who decides to stay in town. Back in the tower, they take the stairs leading up before they try the stairs leading down. The stairs wind upward to the right, circling around a glowing wall of semi-translucent green stone two and a half times, climbing through ruined and impassible levels to a large chamber at the top of the tower. The curving stairs end in a sturdy wooden door with a shuttered arrow slit in its middle.

Having no time to even try the door, an arrow comes flying out of the arrow slit. Arrows are fired back, striking the door. Marya switches places with Iocob, who again takes his greatsword to the door, smashing through. The battle goes quickly, with the bugbear that was shooting at them falling after several seconds. While Losk strips the bugbear of his gear, Uzure studies the room. When everyone is just about ready to leave Uzure behind, he pushes a panel on the wall and a section opens up to the outside of the tower. There is a long drop to the ground, but Uzure figures that this was probably the bugbears escape route. Finding nothing else of interest, the group head towards the staircase leading down.

Circling down the stairs, they come to a landing where there are two more goblins! But these goblins are different than the others; it’s not hard for the group to realize that these goblins are dead, even if they are attacking. They fight these goblin zombies much like they did the living goblins that were on the landing above them, with Marya and Iocob in melee with them and Theodule flying overhead. Unfortunately, while Theodule is shooting arrows through the doorway, he flies up too much and his bow smacks the door frame, sending an arrown downward into Marya’s back, who collapses. (FUMBLE!) One of the goblins is killed shortly after, and then Iocob swings at the second one and loses his grip on his greatsword, throwing it behind the goblin zombie. Despite this, it doesn’t take long for the second zoblin to fall and after healing Marya back to consciousness, they continue down the stairs.

The steep stair descends through solid bedrock for fifty feet before ending in a stone-lined room. A large stone door stands directly south of the stair, a small alcove lies to the east, and another door to the southeast is slightly ajar. An extinguished torch rests on the floor of the alcove.

Uzure picks up the torch and puts it in his pack. Finding nothing else in the room, they approach the open door and look through to a long hallway. Halfway down the hallway are some double doors to the left, which they open and look in.

A curving wall of glowing green crystal bulges out into this chamber from one corner. A stout wooden table stands along the wall opposite it. On the table lie three rotting human corpses and the remnants of a medium-sized spider.

One of the human corpses has had all of its extremities severed, and its torso has been opened to reveal the internal organs. Another dismembered corpse has spider legs sewn onto the stumps in place of the removed limbs, all of which are neatly arranged near the rest of the spider.

A bucket full of reeking, old blood sits on the floor under the table, and needles with lengths of silken thread attached are stuck in a hand-sized block of bloodstained wax atop the table.

After taking in this grizzly scene, both Iocob and Losk enter the room, Iocob going off to the left and Losk going straight forward, triggering a trap. A ceiling panel falls open and a rectangular steel cage plummets from the ceiling onto Losk, who not only is trapped by the cage, but was also hit by it and knocked out. Inside the cage, a skeleton was suspended in a leather harness to protect it from the fall, but is jarred loose and begins attacking the party. Although they weren’t particularly equipped to deal with a skeleton, they take it out fairly quickly and start to figure out how to get Losk out of the cage. Azure walks around the corner then and sees the room for the first time, repeatedly saying: “No, no, no, no, no…”, as she realizes that something terrifying is happening in this area of the Spire.

However, the group doesn’t get very far with the cage, and Azure is distracted from the rest of the room, as a few seconds later, the skeleton’s bones start to rattle out of the cage and then they reassemble right in front of Iocob. Again the group attacks the skeleton and Azure yells for them to give her the skull after they put it back down so it can’t reassemble again. They do so, and both Azure and Uzure head back up to the top section of the Spire to put the skull there, while Uzure also grabs his crossbow that he dropped there and forgot to pick back up. They head back down and join the rest of the group in getting Losk out of the cage, which is much harder than they expected, as the cage is very heavy and made out of strong metal.

Once Losk is finally free, he searches the room and finds a couple vials of liquid, six long needles in the wax with 3 feet of waxed silk threaded through each of them, a scroll tube which holds a couple of scrolls and a parchment with another sigil inscribed on it. Luckily, this sigil is labeled in both Azlanti and Common, so they know that it is the number “four”. Under the bucket of blood, Losk also finds a key. Now they have to decide where to go next.



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