The Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Curiosity Kills

Session 4 - Part 3

The group goes back out into the hallway. Uzure looks to see what the bone priest has on him and finds a bastard sword.

Uzure says to Iocob: “You want this?”

Azure: “Yeah.”

Uzure: “Well I was gonna take it, but I want to know if he wanted it.”

Iocob: “Are you gonna use it?”

Uzure: “No.”

Iocob: “Well someone who can use it needs to take it.”

Azure: “I don’t know how to use it.”

Uzure: “Nobody here uses two handed weapons.”

Iocob: “You can wield it one handed.”

Azure: “How?! That’s impossible!”

Iocob: “No.” He pulls his greatsword out of his sheath one handed and holds it. “Look, right here. See that’s…”

Azure: “The sword is too unwieldy to wield one handed.”

Iocob: “Well, you have to practice a lot.”

Azure: “Oh. I don’t… I have a dagger.”

Iocob: “It’s too heavy for you.”

Uzure: “I have my fists.”

The group moves back into the throne room begins to thoroughly search the room. Azure starts out following him around, but then sits down in the floor with her legs crossed, watching him. Iocob checks out the table again, using detect magic and collecting the loot.

During Uzure’s search he finds a secret door and opens it.

A few wisps of decayed webbing hang from the walls of this room, but there’s none on the stone ceiling and no sign of spiders in the room. The ceiling is blank save for four 1-foot-wide, round steel medallions, one set into each corner. The floor is equally bare except for a pedestal in the center of the floor made of a single five-foot-square block of stone, about two feet high. On the pedestal sits a metal-framed wooden chest, and to the side of the pedestal rests a shallow hole in the floor housing what looks like a brass door handle set into the stone. A stone tile lying loose nearby is clearly designed to fit over the hole, concealing the handle.

Azure: “That’s totally a trap.”

Uzure: “Hmm. So this is trap and this is probably the thing that stops the trap.” Uzure indicates the brass handle.

Iocob and Uzure then talk about the handle being made of metal and that it might be used to conduct electricity. Iocob feels that the handle will electrocute whoever touches it. He asks Azure for some healing from the wand and prepares to try the handle. Azure heals Iocob and moves out of the room. Before Iocob can grab the handle, Uzure says that he will do it and removes his chain shirt, handing it to Azure.

Azure, who is still weak from spider poison, complains about the weight of the armor and drops it beside her. “How do you wear that? It’s like a thousand pounds!”

Iocob also steps out of the room: “I will watch you from here.”

Uzure reaches into the hole to grab the handle, preparing himself to be shocked. He tries to pull the handle, but it does not move. So he twists the handle. Suddenly the ceiling falls and Uzure, having nowhere to run, drops to the floor. The ceiling stops two feet above the floor, suspended in the air.

Azure: “What did you do?!” She peeks around the corner. “That’s not what I expected!”

At that point, Uzure notices that the platform with the chest had sunk into the floor, preventing it from being hit and smashed by the falling ceiling. He starts to crawl out of the room but Azure says “Could you do the opposite of what you did and make the ceiling go back up?”

Uzure: “I don’t know.” He looks at the ceiling right above him and notes that it is not moving.

Azure: “It’s risky.”

Uzure reaches back in the hole and turns the handle back to it’s original position. The ceiling begins to slowly rise back up. He waits until he has room to stand, then looks at the metal disks in the corner of the ceiling to see if they are turning, but they are not moving. He sees that the pedastal and chest rises as the ceiling rises.

Iocob: “Maybe just mess with that.”

Uzure goes over to the chest and kneels, getting ready to react if the ceiling falls again. He tries to open the chest and finds that it is locked. He tries a key that he picked up from the bone priest, but it doesn’t work, so he puts it back around his neck. Inspecting the chest, he sees that it is made of wood and metal. He starts to use his grappling hook to try to break the wood, but then says "Hey! There were some daggers weren’t there? Weren’t there some daggers in that stuff?

Iocob: “Uh, yeah there’s also four longswords. Do you want to use one of those?”

Uzure: “I don’t care. I just want to try and pry this chest open.”

Iocob walks into the room: “Here take a longsword.”

Uzure: “Ok.” He and Iocob both use longswords to try and pry the chest open. It works and the chest pops open.

Iocob has a short celebration: “Yeah… oh!” Then the ceiling falls again. Iocob was looking at the chest and the ceiling smashes into his head, sending him to the floor.

Uzure was watching the ceiling as they were trying to pry open the chest and he again falls to the ground in time to avoid being hit.

Iocob: “I’m just gonna lay here a minute.”

Uzure, lying on his stomach: “Dude, did you not know that was going to happen?!”

Azure: “Reset it with the ring and then hold it so the ceiling doesn’t come down.”

Iocob: “I’m just gonna lay here.”

Uzure crawls over to the handle in the floor and turns it, raising the ceiling again.

Azure: “Hold it so it doesn’t go back down.”

Iocob: “Azure help.”

Azure: “Ok, ok.” She uses the wand to heal him as he crawls out of the room.

Uzure checks the chest. Inside is a bleached cat skull and an aged, handwritten note reading, “Curiosity Kills: another ingenious demise, courtesy of Addington’s Fine Traps and Defenses.” He checks for a false bottom in the chest, but doesn’t find one. So he takes the cat skull to add to the dog skull that he got from the goblins upstairs. Then he hands both the longsword he was using and the one that Iocob dropped back to Iocob.

Azure: “So that’s it. We explored this whole floor right?”

Iocob: “Yeah. Right? I think so. We didn’t go down the hole. We can go down the hole.”

Azure: “No, we’re going to go back to town.”

Uzure replies in regard to the hole in the other room: “Did we search that?”

Azure: “No, we didn’t search it. Do you want to? What if more spiders pop out?”

They look around the throne room one last time to see if they missed anything, then leave the Spire and head towards town.

On the way back to town they notice three barbarians about the time that they charge out of the woods at them. They attack Uzure, Ash and Emon. Ash and Emon were slightly ahead of the rest of the group, leading them through the forest. They combine their efforts and concentrate on one barbarian at a time.

Uzure attacks his target as Azure steps forward to use the healing wand on Iocob, who then steps up to flank Uzure’s enemy with him. Iocob swings his greatsword, which the barbarian dodges, causing Iocob to overextend and expend additional energy.

Ash takes down the first barbarian and she and Emon turn to concentrate on the female barbarian, who then attacks Ash. Ash falls.

The barbarian hits Iocob with his axe, sending him to the ground. Azure runs over and revives Iocob with the healing wand. Then Iocob swings at their enemy from the ground. Uzure continues punching the last male barbarian until he goes down.

Azure then runs over to heal Ash with the wand. She does not wake. The female barbarian turns and runs for the woods. Iocob, Azure and Emon all try to take her down with a combination of melee and ranged attacks as she runs, but she gets away.

Uzure shouts: “I’ll get her!” And he stabilizes Ash to keep her from bleeding out. Azure heals Ash with the wand once more, but she still does not wake. They load Ash up on her horse and continue to town.



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