Apprentice of Abernard Royst


Theron is the 14-year-old apprentice of Abernard Royst. Abernard took him in as one of his apprentices when Theron was just a boy at 5-years-old. His mother was actually Abernard’s maid, Jaynie, who started out as an indentured servant due to being caught stealing from him. Once she worked off her debt, he took her in as a paid employee so long as she no longer stole from anyone. She got a far better deal from him than she would have if she had been caught by most other people.

Jaynie tried not to bring Theron to work with her, as he was a curious boy and Abernard didn’t want him meddling, but occasionally it happened. One day, when Abernard was outside with his apprentices, he heard a great commotion from inside the house. He ran inside to find most of his laboratory destroyed and a little blond haired boy in the middle of it, dressed in one of his robes, holding a staff.


He wanted to be mad. He even tried to be mad. Jaynie was sure he was mad and was profusely apologizing, saying she would get another job and pay him back and that she would never bring Theron to work with her again. Then Abernard laughed. He couldn’t help himself. This little boy was able to use the staff, albeit with unfortunate results, without having any knowledge of magic whatsoever. Obviously he had a hidden talent. And Abernard began training him that day, without his usual charge.

Unfortunately, Jaynie got caught up in Drovust‘s investigation 5 years ago and was hanged as a conspirator of Lord Varden’s assassination. Abernard then adopted Theron as a live-in apprentice, as he had no other family that Abernard knew of and he didn’t want him to end up a slave. He is currently Abernard’s only apprentice. Theron is fiercely loyal to Abernard, even if most of Fort Inevitable think that the old man could use some manners.


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