PC played by Sam (Deceased)


Q1. What do you look like?
A1. Pashe is stocky at 4’8" & 134 lb. She looks like the typical Oread in the way that she resembles moving earth. She is of the paler variety of Oread with skin like white clay, her hair is short and spikey and almost resembles rubies and eyes like emeralds.

Q2. Where is your family, if any?
A2. She has an adopted family. Her father, Dolgrin, mother Agna, and much older brother Rugar. She was found by Dolgrin as he traveled from a small human village after trading some ore for cloth. He had had many dealings with the local Oreads so he took the child to them. When they learned she had been abandoned they told Dolgrin they could not take her, stating “if her parents don’t want her who are we to defy their wishes”. Dolgrin who had always wanted a daughter decided to raise the child and his family did not object.

Q3. For whom or what would you make sacrifices for?
A3. Being different from the people around her has made Pashe a loner. Only being close to her family and their neighbor who is a sorcerer and got Pashe interested in it. Those are the only people that Pashe would make a sacrifice for at the moment.

Q4. What is your greatest regret?
A4. Pashe’s greatest regret is not knowing who her parents are or why they abandoned her.

Q5. What are your greatest dislikes?
A5. Not a fan of heights, likes to be grounded. Doesn’t like to be rushed, tends to be slow and patient in her decision making.

Q6. What topics or activities fascinate you?
A6. Pashe likes history a lot, and this could be because she doesn’t know her own personal history. She also likes to learn in general. She is highly curious but likes to keep it to herself acting aloof when presented with new stuff because she is trying to figure it out without being obvious.

Q7. What habits do you possess?
A7. Pashe tends to talk to herself, wonder off (physically & mentally), and constantly fiddles with a worry stone.

Q8. What secrets do you harbor?
A8. She feels as if she will never belong with her family. That even after 75 years she feels out of place.

Q9. Are you rational or passionate about your feelings?
A9. Pashe is very rational and sometimes comes off as cold and unfeeling.

Q10. Are you superstitious or sophisticated past superstition?
A10. Pashe is mildly superstitious but rarely shows it.

Q11. How strong is your faith in your patron deity?
A11. Pashe’s faith in Milani is mild. The main part she follows is the life of freedom and peace but has had to defend against evil.

Q12. How self-confident are you?
A12. As a loner Pashe’s self confidence is not very high unless around people she is close to.

Q13. What drives you to adventure?
A13. To find somewhere she belongs…

Q14. What region do you hail from?
A14. ?



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