Iocob Kaminin

PC played by Buddy (Deceased)



Q1. What do you look like?
A1. Dusky skinned, prematurely graying temples. Crew cut. Slightly athletic build.

Q2. Where is your family, if any?
A2. They remain in Brevoy, comfortable in serving behind the front lines.

Q3. For whom or what would you make sacrifices for?
A3. My unit is the most important thing to me.

Q4. What is your greatest regret?
A4. Not serving in my family’s personal militia.

Q5. What are your greatest dislikes?
A5. Desertion, cowardice, not giving 100%.

Q6. What topics or activities fascinate you?
A6. Tactics and historical warfare/military figures.

Q7. What habits do you possess?
A7. Cleaning/tending weapons and armor.

Q8. What secrets do you harbor?
A8. None. Secrets can be exploited.

Q9. Are you rational or passionate about your feelings?
A9. Rational. Passion leads to mistakes on the field of battle.

Q10. Are you superstitious or sophisticated past superstition?
A10. Every soldier has superstitions.

Q11. How strong is your faith in your patron deity?
A11. Very. His every command should be followed.

Q12. How self-confident are you?
A12. Extremely. Wavering in confidence can lead to mistakes.

Q13. What drives you to adventure?
A13. Learning and experiencing new combat styles & situations and amassing new troops for my family’s militia.

Q14. What region do you hail from?
A14. Northern Brevoy.


Hailing from Restov, in southern Brevoy, Iocob is a scion of House Kaminin, who were staunch supporters of House Rogarvia until that House’s sudden, mysterious disappearance. The void left by Rogarvia is what has led Iocob to adventure, as he feels that House Kaminin could fill that slot on the political map if he can earn enough money to bolster his family’s coffers and win himself an army with which to defend the Kaminin’s rightful place as a high noble house.

Iocob’s parents – Aleksei and Vesna – are both alive, and he has three siblings – Alecksandr, 12, a male human, Irini, 11, a female half-elf, and Morana, 15, a female half-orc, the latter two from political dalliances his mother has had. Life has been kind to Iocob’s family, and their status among the gentry grants them the income to take part in whatever pursuits they wish.

Iocob was drawn at an early age into a love of warfare in all its aspects; history, great commanders, tactics, and the heft of a blade in his hand. Inspired by the swordlords of Aldori, Iocob took to fencing as a way to nurture his athletic prowess, which won him accolades when he began winning competition after competition.

While perusing books in his weaponmaster’s estate library one day, Iocob found a small book that changed his life forever. The book spoke of the purity of war in the most succinct terms. Everything with concern to war and its vagaries were made clear to the youth as the Angel of Desolation touched his heart, setting alight a spark that would soon blaze to life.

Iocob returned more and more often to his weaponmaster’s estate, asking all he could about the text that he had devoured. At first, the old veteran was taken aback, but finally relented, and explained to the young man that what he had read was not just a book about warfare, but THE book about it. A holy text dedicated to War as a philosophy, as an almost elemental force. The fencing practices turned toward heavier blades, until Iocob could master the greatsword, at which point his weaponmaster graduated him. That was not all the training Iocob would undergo, however. Once he was deemed a true swordsman, then the old man showed Iocob the true powers of one dedicated to war.

Diplomacy, intimidation, subterfuge…all these were taught by Iocob’s family and the weaponmaster, but the old man showed him that true dedication to a singular purpose could unlock magic! His instruction into spellcasting then began.

Now, Iocob has taken his training to a developed level of understanding and has struck out into the world to claim the funds and army needed to raise House Kaminin above their peers. He knows that his dedication to war will bring about the crushing defeat of those who might oppose his cause. He has magic and a strong sword arm to ensure that.

Iocob does not realize yet that he truly serves one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, merely believing that his true dedication to war as a singular purpose grants his abilities. The weaponmaster gave Iocob a cheaply scribed copy of his sacred text as a parting gift for the noble, and further study might reveal this dread secret to the young warpriest…albeit too late.

Since arriving in Fort Inevitable to delve The Emerald Spire, Iocob has assembled a group of like-minded business associates who all want to improve their lots in life by plundering the riches hidden within the mysterious glass tower.

Iocob Kaminin

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