The Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Tomb Raiders

Session 3 - Part 2

This large stone chamber contains two clusters of four stone caskets each. In the center of the room, between the two groupings, stands an empty, unlit iron brazier that is covered with soot and smells faintly of past fires. Drapes of dust-covered spider webs cling to the ceiling. This room is dark and silent with no luminescent moss. Blu steps forward to search the room.

A chill breeze arises from nowhere with an eerie howl. The room seems to darken, and in the sudden gloom, scores of small spectral eyeballs appear, drifting with the breeze. They peer intensely before fading away.

Losk moves forward and lights the brazier.

Blu: “Are we grave robbing?”

Azure: “I will not let you do that.”

Uzure: “No.”

Iocob: “That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to accumulate treasure.”

Uzure: “Not from graves.”

Iocob: “The culture that was here all died. We’ve already robbed bodies. So… yeah, we’re gonna take some treasure from dead people.”

Uzure: “We’ve robbed bodies of people we’ve beat up that didn’t originally live here. We didn’t rob any tombs.”

Iocob: “We still robbed the dead! The dead. We’ve robbed the dead.”

Uzure: “Not dead that were…”

Azure: “…put where they’re supposed to be.”

During this discussion, Marya takes a closer look at the tombs. They don’t look disturbed, but they also don’t look sealed by anything aside from the lids being put into place.

Uzure: “These people were sacredly put here.”

Iocob: “We don’t know that.”

Uzure: “They’re in tombs!”

Iocob: “Yeah. If you died in the hall next door, I’d probably put you in one of these sarcophagi so something didn’t eat you.”

Azure: “Well that’s nice of you.”

Iocob: “Yeah, you know…”

Azure: “We still shouldn’t bother these tombs.”

Long pause.

Theodule tries to choose his words carefully: “I don’t know. I feel… part of our mission was to… defile these places anyway.”

Uzure: “No, he never said anything about defiling the place.”

Iocob: “We’re not defiling…”

Theodule: “Well of course he’s not gonna say ‘Hey go defile this tomb’ because he wants us to go do it!”

Azure: “Why are we listening to the devil again?”

Long pause.

Iocob: “You don’t have to listen to the devil, but we need to learn as much about this as possible.”

Losk: “You also don’t have to participate. To be blatantly honest. Ya’ll can wait out here.”

Iocob: “Then we’ll be the unclean ones.”

Theodule: “Everyone thinks I’m unclean already so…”

Iocob: “What if there are no bodies in here? What if there are undead in the sarcophagi?”

Theodule: “That might be a good reason not to open it, but there is a high likely-hood that these are empty because we saw all the humanoid bodies have been dissected…”

Marya: “The tombs look undisturbed.”

Azure: “I will take no part in it. And you guys are left to your own devices for what happens afterwards.”

Iocob: “That’s fine.”

Azure: “Cause I cannot condone…”

Iocob: “I’m going in here and I am opening stuff. Who is going with me?”

Theodule: “I will prepare to shoot anything that comes out of them.”

Blu: “Ok. I’ll come help you.”

Azure and Uzure go out in the hallway while the rest of the group stays to loot the tombs.

The group gathers around one of the tombs and lifts the lid off. Once the lid is off, a skeletal hand reaches out and swipes at Quillaithe, but misses. Then the group hears the sound of the stone lids sliding off the other sarcophagi.

Iocob yells to Azure and Uzure in the hallway, being sarcastic: “Undead! Are undead bad?! Undead!”

Quillaithe and Blu both try to hit the skeleton with their weapons, but the blades go between the skeletons ribs and do no damage.

Theodule hits the skeleton, but does not kill it. Iocob remembers that bludgeoning weapons work better against skeletons, so instead of using his greatsword, he pulls out an unlit torch, uses it as a club, and smashes the thing.

The lids fall off of 5 of the remaining 7 caskets and the skeletons get out and stand up. Quillaithe tries to hit one of them with a Ray of Frost spell, but misses. Seeing his attempt, Theodule informs Quillaithe, “They’re immune to cold damage!” Marya, seeing that Iocob used a torch to hit the skeleton instead of his greatsword, moves up to a different one, turns her trident sideways, and smacks the skeleton with the side of her weapon, sending it crumbling to the floor.

Losk hits another skeleton with his staff and it crumbles. Losk looks surprised for a moment, then extremely proud of himself. One of the two skeletons attacking Iocob hits him with one bony hand, then swings again with the other hand, but hits the other skeleton instead. Quillaithe punches a skeleton and it tries to swing back, but misses as it crumbles to the floor.

Blu decides that she can’t do much to harm the skeletons anyway, and since there are none close to her, she pushes the lid off of one of the caskets that didn’t open and retrieves a horn and a scimitar from inside. Marya swings at her skeleton again, but accidentally hits the coffin and drops her weapon. Iocob kills his skeleton with his makeshift club and Theodule takes down the last skeleton with a punch.

As combat is over, Blu continues around the room and retrieves a scimitar from all of the coffins, 8 in total. Blu hands over the loot she found to Losk, who can tell that the horn has a faint magical aura of conjuration.

They head back out of the room into the hallway and Blu checks the door they had previously passed for traps, then Marya tries to open the door, but it is locked. Blu tries to disable the lock, but fails. Iocob asks if anyone has a crowbar and Marya hands him one, so he and Losk work to pry open the door and manage to do so after a couple of minutes.

Wisps of decayed and sagging spider webs droop from the walls of this room, which appears to be empty except for the long-dead, dismembered corpse of a giant spider and a stout, freestanding wooden closet in the southwestern corner. The ceiling is covered with dusty spider webs bulging down from a grid of wooden beams and plaster fifteen feet above the floor. Faint moans and plaintive sobbing come from the closet.

Iocob: “There is a thing in this closet.”

Uzure: “So open it and see what it is.”

Iocob: “Alright.”

Theodule: “Try to talk to it.”

Blu: “Yeah, talk to it before opening it.”

Iocob moves forward and reaches out to open the closet. The moment the closet is touched, the voice ceases and the closet collapses, the heavy panels falling outward. Then out rushes a zombie. The zombie loses his footing on the panels and Iocob uses this opportunity to trip the zombie, causing it to fall prone, though the zombie does hit him as it falls.

Theodule shoots an arrow at the zombie and hits it squarely in the chest. Iocob hits the zombie with his sword, then turns and walks towards the rest of the party at the other end of the room saying, “Heal please? Anyone?” But before he can reach them, a heavy weighted net falls through the thin plaster of the ceiling panel directly overhead, knocking him unconscious. Uzure and Marya both move up and attack the zombie, killing it, and Azure heals Iocob.



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