The Emerald Spire Superdungeon

The Tower Ruins - More Goblins?!

Session 2 - Part 1

While the group is in town to rest and heal, a Hellknight finds Iocob and tells him that their request to purchase the dilapidated house in town has been considered and that they need to come to the Citadel to meet with the Castellan, a male half-orc Hellknight named Karn Kerromick. After gathering the rest of the party, including Pashe (who at some point made it back to town on her own), they head to the Citadel.

Karn tells them that their request was considered and approved to purchase the building. He says that although the building is in bad shape, it is still fairly large with two floors and a basement having 210 sq. footage each, with a front and side yard equaling another 210 sq. feet. Due to this, the price of the place is still a hefty 1,300 gold. On top of that, though the group isn’t given an exact time limit on this, they would be required to fix the place up. If they are unwilling to do this, the house will be torn down for something else to be built in it’s place, as was previously planned.

The group decides that these terms are acceptable, but tell the Castellan that as of right now, they just don’t have that kind of gold. They ask if they can make a down payment of 500 gold, with the other 800 to be paid within the month. Karn thinks about this a moment, then agrees to this arrangement and accepts the 500 gold.

After leaving the Citadel the group searches out a contractor, being told that the best in town is probably Zoldor Maril, a 60 year old human male who owns and operates Zoldor’s Masonry. Losk asks him if they could get an estimate on remodeling the building. He tells them that he can do that, but it will take him at least a few days before he can go look at the building, as he is currently in the middle of other projects. With that, the group heads back to the inn.

After recuperating in town for two nights, even hiring a doctor to attend them so that they would heal faster, the group again heads back out to the Emerald Spire.

When they arrive at the tower, Theodule is asked to again fly the rope up, when Pashe tells them that there is a side path. They start up the path when arrows begin flying at them again from the dark hole in the tower. One arrow strikes Marya in the neck, as she was in the lead, and without thinking she pulls the arrow out and the wound gushes blood. (CRITICAL HIT!) Iocob makes it to her and casts cure light wounds which stops the bleeding, but she is still left feeling weaker than the blood loss should account for (1 Con drain). Two of the goblins are dropped by return fire before they even make it to the door, the third one running back into the darkness.


Theodule flies into the building after him, catching sight of him a couple times, but stops following the goblin when he enters an area they hadn’t explored yet. He waits for the group to catch up and tells them where the goblin went. They head the same direction, but come to a set of double doors in a narrow hallway and open them before continuing. Hearing the group’s approach, the two goblins inside the small room ready their bows and fire at the first person they see when the door opens. While the group is fighting inside the narrow hallway, the goblin that ran comes back out to fire his bow at them. Losk manages to make it through the hallway to that goblin, but Theodule, who is flying and in combat with the other two, shoots an arrow that direction and kills the goblin before Losk has a chance to take a swing.

After defeating these goblins they notice that there are stairs leading down into the tower behind them. Marya hears some moaning and shuffling of feet coming from below. She tells the group as much, and they decide to bar the door from the outside, keeping whatever it may be from coming up behind them. The group tosses the goblin bodies out to Ash and Emon for them to strip of their gear and discard.

A single door across the hall from the double doors is locked, but Iocob’s greatsword makes short work of it and they enter to find a little goblin “armory”. The rows of wooden racks on the walls of the room hold a ramshackle collection of rusty blades, scraps of armor, and warped arrows. Most of the items in the room are unusable and worthless, but the group finds six small dogslicers and six small horsechoppers that are in good shape.

Continuing on to the next room, they are again assaulted with arrows when they open a door. The group enters to melee the 3 goblins, but the goblins keep backing up and shooting arrows. They are quickly defeated and their bodies are thrown out with the rest. Losk searches the room and finds a green mechanical arm wrapped in a tattered and dirty piece of cloth under one of the beds, which he takes with him. At this point, the group also decides that they should rest and recover from their injuries and they take refuge in the armory, as it is the most defensible place they have come across so far, as well as the cleanest.

After they rest, they move on, finding a path that leads outside to the back of the tower and another set of double doors with stairs leading up. Again they decide to come back to the stairs later. In a room with a human-sized bed, Losk finds a a bone scroll tube on a table among jars filled with eyeballs, claws, and teeth. Inside the tube is a sheet of parchment on which is drawn a complicated magical sigil in iridescent green ink. Losk is able to tell that the sigil is similar to an arcane mark, but beyond that he knows nothing.

The first thing they see when opening the next door is a green mechanical construct with a wooden peg foot and a rotting humanoid arm. Then they notice a goblin standing behind the construct when he casts bless. Theodule immediately shoots arrows at the goblin caster, taking him out. Then the party concentrates their efforts on the construct, making short work of it as well. Pashe casts the final spell that destroys the thing, but unfortunately it then explodes, leaving four of the party members unconscious and bleeding on the floor. The rest of the group quickly come to their comrades aid. Uzure looks at Iocob lying on the floor, blood pooling around him, and makes a decision. He looks at the only other party member who is awake and paying attention, puts his finger to his lips and says, “Shhh”, as he puts his hand on Iocob’s shoulder and the bleeding suddenly stops.

After everyone is conscious, the group decides it would be best to return to town to rest. On the way to town, Marya and Emon both notice something watching them. Marya points it out to the rest of the group, who look and people start to prepare themselves for an attack.

Emon says, “Just keep walking.”

Losk: “What?”

Emon: “Just keep walking.”

Losk: “Ok.”

Uzure: “What is it?”

Emon: A Wood Giant.

Uzure: “Is it friendly?”

Emon: “Mmm… territorial. And there is probably more than one.”

Uzure (speaking Giant): “Hello!”

There is no response from the giant and the group continues on their way.



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