The Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Spider Infestation

Session 3 - Part 1

Pashe, who is still in town, comes across a couple of other people, a female Fetchling Rogue named Blu and a male Drow Magus named Quillaithe, who are also interested in adventuring. Thinking “the more the merrier”, she invites them to come along and leads them to the Emerald Spire.

The smaller group arrives while the main group is still in the room with the cage, right after they managed to get Losk free. They go back out to the hallway and head towards the door at the end, Marya leading the party as normal. Then suddenly, the floor beneath Marya’s feet falls away as she just manages to jump back in time to keep from falling. Below is a 10 ft drop with spikes at the bottom, a skeleton lying among the spikes. Blu comes forward to inspect the floor, informing the party that she can’t reset it to where they can walk across the floor, as it looks like it was just held up by webbing. After some discussion, they grab the 20 ft. long, 5 ft. wide table out of the room they were just in and place it across the 10′ × 10′ hole in the floor for a makeshift bridge. The bridge seems a little rickety, but manages to hold the weight of a person, so they continue. Right after crossing their bridge they come to a door, which Blu checks for traps and Marya opens.

The walls and ceiling of this room are hidden behind a thick gray-white forest of spider webs that blocks all vision beyond ten feet. Webs are everywhere, creating a maze of vertical sheets. Gray, furry dust clings to the sticky, white webs. The desiccated, shriveled corpse of a long-dead man hangs spread-eagle across one of these layers of webbing, and rusty swords, daggers, and axes hang securely from others.

Marya looks at the webs and says, “Should I burn it?” Someone hands her a torch and the webs catch fire, spreading throughout the room, but slower than they expected. Some smoke starts billowing out into the hallway, but not so bad that it is difficult to breathe. After about a minute or so of waiting for the webs to burn away, a misty vapor suddenly arises around them filling almost the entire hallway, obscuring all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet.

Out of the mist in the room, a pale and round-bodied giant spider the size of a large dog comes into Marya and Blu’s view. Its crimson eyes glitter with malign intelligence as it attacks Blu, sinking its fangs into her. In addition to the pain, Blu feels herself weaken due to the spider’s poison.

Theodule, who was standing on the other side of the hole in the floor, also sees a spider come up out of the hole, onto the bridge in front of him, as he too feels the weakening bite of the spider.


Before anyone has a chance to react from the appearance of the spiders, they attack again. This time the one that bit Blu bites Marya, who is standing next to her. The spider does an extreme amount of damage to Marya as well as poisoning her, causing her to fall unconscious. As she falls, the spider attempts to finish her off, biting her again.

The spider that bit Theodule turns its attention to Iocob, sinking his teeth in. However, Iocob manages to shake off the effects of the poison.

Uzure: “Where is the enemy?”

Theodule: “There’s one in front of me!”

Losk: “I’m assuming they’re all in front of us.”

Uzure can’t see the enemy, but he drops his torch and moves forward towards them.

Iocob swings at the spider in front of him, and although it is difficult to see, he hits the spider with his greatsword and does quite a bit of damage, but is unable to kill it.

Azure and Pashe are both unsure what to do since they cannot see, so they stay where they are at the back of the hallway.

Losk: “What’s going on?”

Theodule yells, “Spiders!”, as he punches the spider in front of him and Iocob. The spider’s legs curl up and it falls off the bridge into the pit. He moves forward to get closer to the other spider.

Blu tries to hit the spider in front of her with her rapier, but misses. At that point she decides to back away from combat, as she is badly injured from the spider’s initial attack.

Quillaithe moves toward the sound of combat and stops next to the fallen Marya with a spider standing right in front of him. The spider tries to bite him, but misses.

Uzure moves up to where he can see Marya and reaches down to touch her. Instantly, her wounds stop bleeding.

Iocob tries to move forward, but due to the narrow hallway, he is unable to get to where he can reach the other spider.

Uzure: “Sister! There’s someone hurt up here!” Azure moves towards the sound of her brother’s voice, but comes to the bridge and stops, not sure if it will hold both her and Blu, who is standing on it.

Azure: “Hey, get off the bridge! I can’t move across it!”

Uzure, who is standing on the “bridge”, but not where it is over the pit, thinks that Azure is talking to him. “Just a minute!”

Losk moves up to the edge of the pit, next to Azure. “I can’t get across cause people are in my way! I can’t even see where I’m going!”

Uzure: “Just a minute!!!”

Theodule, who has further weakened from the effects of the poison, swings at the spider and misses.

Blu moves off the bridge, away from combat, next to Pashe. She is also still suffering the effects of the poison.

Quillaithe swings at the spider with his scimitar and misses. The spider tries to bite him back. Uzure, seeing the spider’s intention to lunge, immediately pushes Quillaithe, which moves him just enough to make the spider miss. Uzure then tries punching the spider and misses.

Azure reaches down to heal Marya and moves forward off the bridge. Marya does not awake.

Losk moves forward and tumbles to try to get past the spider without being bitten. Unfortunately, he gets closer to the spider than he intends and is almost bitten, but Uzure grabs him and pulls him out of harm’s way.

At this point, the poison has really begun to take a serious effect on some of them and due to this, they have a hard time hitting the spider. The spider takes advantage of this and bites Losk, poisoning him.

Azure uses another cure spell on Marya and it heals her enough for her to wake. She stands up and asks, “You guys got this up there?”

Uzure: “Yeah.”

Marya, still badly injured, moves further away from the fight, not wanting to move closer anyway due to her fear of spiders. And the fact that it nearly killed her didn’t help matters.

Finally, Theodule manages to do enough damage to the spider to kill it.

Marya: “Ok. Can we go home now?”

There is a discussion about whether or not they are going back to town. Pashe decides to go back to town. The rest of the group decides to rest in the dungeon, but then can’t decide where in the dungeon. They talk about resting in the room with the cage and the room in the upper tower, but ultimately decide to rest in the room with the human-sized bed on the previous floor. They set up watches and bed down. They do not get attacked in the night and the next morning they work on getting everyone back to fighting condition with Azure healing the group. Then they head back down to the room they tried to enter yesterday.

Everything that was hanging in the webs is now lying on the floor. Losk searches the now burnt corpse and finds nothing, so he starts to pick up the rusty weapons to see if they are any good and finds that they are still usable, so he gathers two longswords, five daggers, and one hand axe. He also finds 42 copper pieces scattered on the floor. Iocob takes one of the daggers. There are doors to the left and right of them and they decide to go left. Blu doesn’t find any traps and Marya opens the door.

The floor of this small hallway is partially blocked by heaps of stone rubble. A skeletal human hand protrudes from one pile of rubble. The debris looks old, and the few sagging strands of web draped over the rubble seem to have been here for some time. Blu searches the room, finding a cavity in the ceiling where a 5-foot-diameter irregular hole rises up into the darkness. She also finds a trap in the west side of the room that seems similar to the pit trap that was in the other hallway. She manages to wedge something between the trap doors and the wall to keep it from opening. Marya throws a grappling hook up to the hole in the ceiling and Uzure climbs up, finding that the hole turns horizontal and the tunnel runs for about 10 feet and ends. At the end of the tunnel are four filled waterskins, four small wooden coffers of salted food (two with fish fillets, two with slabs of roast boar; this preserved food is far too salty to eat without being soaked or scrubbed), and 50 feet of stout rope knotted to a triple-hook steel grapnel. Uzure throws his findings down to the group and climbs down. He also keeps the hook and rope. There is a door in front of them and to their right and they go forward. Blu doesn’t find any traps and Theodule opens the door.



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