The Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Gorloth's Sanctum

Session 4 - Part 2

Shabby, mold-covered tapestries hang from ceiling hooks, cloaking one wall of this chamber in faded forest hunting scenes. While probably of decent quality when new, they look sad now.

A plain wooden chair of massive construction stands centered before the tapestries, facing into the room. A large stone table stands against the eastern wall. Weapons and other items are neatly laid out on the table, as if displayed for sale in a shop.

There is a skeleton sitting in the chair and a skeleton standing on each side of the chair.

Part of the group steps into the room and they hear “Who are you and why have you come?” The voice is coming from where the skeleton is seated. Though the group does not know it yet, it isn’t the skeleton speaking, but the bone priest Gorloth, who is hiding behind the tapestries directly behind the throne and watching them through a hole in the cloth.

Theodule: “We are simple adventurers searching for some lost wizards.”

Gorloth: “I have not seen them. This is my home. Leave.”

Blu: “I vote for leaving. That was pretty direct.”

Iocob: “Why would you make your home here?”

Gorloth: “Why should I not make my home here?”

Iocob: “Were you alive when the Spire served it’s original purpose?”

Gorloth: “Why is that any of your business?”


Iocob: “It’s just a question.”

Theodule: “Just curious.”

Iocob: “Because it’s a mystery to those on the outside now.”

Losk: “We sorta need to explore this place.”

Gorloth: “You’ve been exploring this place.”

Losk: “How much of this is your home and how much isn’t? That’s what we need to know.”

Gorloth: “This level is my home.”

Iocob: “Well we’ve already been through a third of it at least.”

Theodule: “You have fewer spiders than before.”

Uzure: “And zombies.”

Pashe asks where they need to go to continue into the Spire and Gorloth says: “The pit in the other room.”

Pashe: “That’s the only way down?”

Gorloth: “Yes.”

Pashe: “Ok.”

Iocob: “Would you please answer my question?”

Gorloth: “No.”

Iocob: “What does it serve you not to?”

Gorloth: “I have no reason to.”

Iocob: “You also have no reason not to.”

Gorloth: “Therefore I choose not to.”

Iocob: “That’s true. You can make that choice. Just like we choose not to vacate your level.”

Hearing this, Blu turns and begins to try to sneak away.

Losk leans slightly towards Iocob and says: “We can take this guy.”

The two skeletons standing on either side of the throne charges and misses the group while the one that was seated stands up. Gorloth casts hold person from behind the tapestries at Iocob, to no effect.

Theodule shoots two arrows, hitting both of the skeletons that had charged and sending both of them crumbling to the floor.

Uzure and Quillaithe both move up to attack the remaining skeleton and miss.

Iocob moves forward and hits the skeleton with his greatsword, destroying it also.

Believing the battle is won, Losk moves towards the table that is covered with various weapons and such. He casts detect magic and is able to see that there are magical items on the table. Glancing away from the table, he sees that there is also a glow behind the tapestries behind the throne. “There’s something behind the tapestries. Ugh.”

At the same time, Azure grabs the skull from one of the fallen skeletons and head back to the room with the large pit that leads to the next area. As she drops the skull into the pit, another spider appears from within the webs and attacks her. Azure screams. “The skulls turn into spiders!” Uzure heads toward the sound of his sister screaming.

Hearing Losk say that there was something behind the tapestries intrigued Blu, who moves over to the tapestries to look. Gorloth swings at her with his bastard sword, but misses, and all Blu sees is the tapestries move out towards her.

Azure is still screaming from the other room: “The skulls turn into spiders!”

Uzure runs from the room he’s in to protect his sister and arrives in time to block another attack from the spider. The spider instead bites him. Uzure punches the spider back.

Quillaithe, having heard both that the skeletons don’t die unless you remove their skulls and that the skulls turn into spiders, grabs both the other skulls from the defeated skeletons with the intention of disposing of them.

Iocob also moves towards the table to inspect its contents: four longswords, a masterwork dagger, a buckler a belt of mighty constitution +2, a potion of cure moderate wounds, a flask of acid, and four small leather belt pouches. (Magic items were identified later.) Iocob still keeps an eye on the tapestries in case something tries to attack him.

Azure uses her ability to create and control water to push the spider away from her with a wave of water. Then she moves out of the room to avoid being bitten again. The spider moves back up to Uzure and tries to bite him, but misses. Uzure also misses the spider when he tries to hit it back. Azure steps behind her brother to heal him. Then the spider bites him again.

Blu decides to check for any traps that may be in the area, but sees movement through some holes in the tapestries: “Hey guys, there’s someone back there.”

Gorloth swings his bastard sword again, slicing through part of the tapestries and hitting Blu. Then he moves to the southwest corner of the room, provoking attacks from Pashe and Blu.

Iocob goes behind the tapestry at the other end of the room: “I see you!”

Losk also sees Gorloth, as he is only partially hidden by tapestries now, and takes the opportunity to cast telekinetic fist, damaging the bone priest.

Blu moves to the item table and checks for traps.

Gorloth casts cause fear on Quillaithe, but it does not affect him.

Iocob charges Gorloth and hits him with his greatsword. Losk hits him with his telekinetic fist again. Gorloth pushes through the wall to his left where there is a secret door and he moves through to the next room. Iocob and Quillaithe are both close enough to swing at him as he retreats. Theodule, Quillaithe and Iocob follow Gorloth into the next room.

Gray webbing fills this chamber. Huge cocoons of spider silk hang suspended in the webs, and the webs crawl with countless hundreds of pale little spiders. The spiders begin to form into a swarm. Crawling around and on both Quillaithe and Iocob, as they feel the biting of multiple little spiders. Theodule shoots two arrows at Gorloth, hitting him with both.

Gorloth: “Stop attacking and I’ll tell you where they are.”

Iocob: “Wizards?”

Theodule: “Call your spider thing off.”

Gorloth: “I cannot call the swarm off. I can call the large ones off.”

Theodule: “Do you have any way to defeat the swarm then? Either you kill it or I’m gonna keep killing you. Or we’re just gonna leave this room and lock you in here with it.”

Gorloth: “I have no way to stop it.”

Iocob: “I say we destroy this thing and find them later.”

Another spider appears out of the webs in the pit room. It tries to attack, but slips as it lunges forward and appears to bite itself.

Losk makes his way around through the secret door that they entered Gorloth’s sanctum through, seeing Uzure and Azure fighting a couple giant spiders: “Jeez, what are ya’ll doing in there?” Azure stays behind Uzure in the hallway, healing him as needed as he battles the spiders. Blu comes up behind Azure to receive healing as well.

Quillaithe hits Gorloth with his scimitar, doing little damage, but still slowly chipping away at the bone priest’s health. Iocob and Pashe both try to attack Gorloth, but miss. Gorloth tries again to run, provoking attacks from all combatants in melee with him. Iocob swings his greatsword and takes him out.

Everyone who is in the room with the swarm exits, Iocob pulling the body of Gorloth out with him and closing the door behind him. Then he searches Gorloth, casting detect magic, and finds that a pouch around his neck is glowing. It contains a vial of silversheen and a Spire transport token. As he is doing this he calls out to Azure: “Is everything OK down there?”

Azure: “The skull turned into two spiders!”

Uzure is finally able to kill the first spider and shifts his attention to the second one. Theodule assists Uzure with the spider, shooting arrows at it while Uzure continues punching it.

The spider swarm moves out of the room into the hallway, coming out from under and around the closed door, swarming on and around Iocob. He snatches the pouch off of Gorloth’s body and moves down the hallway away from the swarm, but the swarm follows him, biting and nauseating him.

Azure: “What is that?! He brought more spiders! Thousands of them!” Azure pushes the giant moon spider further into the room with her water ability and runs into the west side of the room, trying to avoid both the giant spider and the spider swarm that is coming down the hallway. The moon spider moves back up to Uzure and bites him.

Iocob moves into the room with the moon spider and flanks it with Uzure, hitting it with his greatsword and killing it.

Azure, screeching, continues to run through the west door in the room to avoid the spider swarm coming in the room from the south. Theodule, who is still in the hallway, is swarmed and bitten by the tiny spiders. He moves into the room to lead the spiders in.

Uzure moves by his sister to protect her. Iocob waits for the swarm to get closer and prepares to ignite his sword, holding it in the webs. The spider swarm enters the room, following Theodule, and swarms over both him and Iocob, who ignites his sword and sets the webs aflame. Theodule, Iocob and the spider swarm are all burned by the flames.

Iocob, heads towards Uzure and Azure in the hallway to try to escape the spiders and the fire. Theodule, seeing that Iocob may not last much longer, stays within the swarm and fire, trying to distract the swarm from following Iocob. Azure heals Iocob when he gets to the hallway.

After what seems like forever, the swarm finally disperses due to the fire Theodule has to move through a room full of webs on fire to get out and falls unconscious just as he makes it to the door, falling into the hallway. Iocob and Azure both heal Theodule, bringing him back to consciousness.



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